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Distribution – population

Sperm whales are the 3rd largest marine mammal in the world. They have the biggest brain in the animal kingdom. They are observed in all the oceans of the planet, preferring areas with steep underwater canyons and cliffs. In the Mediterranean Sea are found mainly along the Hellenic Trench off the Ionian islands to the west-southwest of Crete up to Rhodes. Sperm Whales dive up to 2,000m searching for food while holding their breath for more than an hour.

Mediterranean population of the species is considered threatened.


  • Tangling in fishing gear
  • Food shortage due to overfishing
  • Collision with boats
  • Climate change

Biology – ecology

Diet: Deep water squids and fishes, octopus and rays

Length: 18m.

Weight: up to 57 tones

Lifespan: up to 70 years