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Distribution – population

The species is found in all tropical and temperate seas of the planet, however, despite its name, it is not that common. Especially in the Mediterranean Sea it has almost disappeared from the Adriatic and is quite rare in the western Mediterranean. In Greece it is found mainly in the northern and eastern Aegean, the inner Ionian and the Corinthian Gulf. It lives in groups in deep water but also in coastal areas. It can develop speeds of more than 65 km/h and perform elaborate jumps out of the water.

The species is considered endangered.


  • Entanglement in fishing gear
  • Lack of prey due to overfishing
  • Ship strikes
  • Climate change

Biology – ecology

Diet: Small fish like sardines and anchovies

Length: up to 2,3m.

Weight: up to 90Kg

Lifespan: up to 50 years